Best Invention ever.

Potty training has been a completely different animal than I had anticipated. When Izzy was close to turning one, I had musings about her being potty trained early in life. I has lofty aspirations of having her out of diapers long before she turned two. Well...she wasn't that interested and I am lazy. I figure there are better battles to fight than potty training. As two came and went and three crept up on us, we needed to wrap this whole potty training thing up. Izzy has been going #2 in the potty consistently since last summer. In the beginning it was mostly good timing on our part but eventually she got the hang of recognizing when she needed to go. However, going #1 has been our big challenge. She never uses the potty consistently for #1 and I am beyond over it. I am sick of buying pull-ups.

But do you know what was even more annoying? Having a clunky training potty in our bathroom.

You may have seen me make mention in the past that our house is very small. And perhaps when I've mentioned this, you thought I was exaggerating.  As much as I wish I were, there are people that live in double wide trailers that are bigger than my house. As with any house, the living room area is probably the biggest room. Then the kitchen/dining area, the two small bedrooms, the closets and then the bathroom.

Yup. The closets are bigger than the bathroom.

Okay, I am exaggerating that time but for real, the bathroom is tiny. I can stretch my arms out the width of the room and touch the walls while a bend remains in my arms. I can dip my feet in the tub while sitting on the pot. I can wash my hands in the sink without ever rising from the throne. and I can do both at the same time if I sit at just the right angle. 

Adding a training potty to our already crowded bathroom just makes things worse. It ate up practically the entire floor in that room. You could hardly move without bumping into it. And trying to be in there at the same time with her was a joke. We practically had to do contortions to clean her up. And in recent months, she decided she no longer liked using her little potty and wanted to use the big one. Ok, cool, we can get rid of the little potty. Well, after she dragged her dirty butt across the seat while trying to get down, I realized she needed the trainer potty as a step stool. Oh yay! now the annoying potty is in front of the big potty. Want to take a guess how many times I stumbled over it in the middle of the night?

Insert the single greatest invention to potty training (and the small bathroom) ever.
Stop judging my out-dated and poorly decorated bathroom, Judgypants. I know its ugly.
The Little Looster has been like a gift from the gods in our house. Thanks to its awesome wrap-around design, it tucks under the commode and clears up a ton of floor space. I can actually get around the bathroom with out stubbing my toes. What's even better is, on Mondays when I weigh in, my lazy butt doesn't need to bend over to move it and get to the scale. I just hook my foot under that gap there and move it to the side.
I really like the stability of the Looster. The underside of the Looster is reinforced with molded beams from wall to wall. It's not like a flimsy Ikea stool that would collapse under someone heavier than 50lbs. This bad boy can hold up to 200 pounds! What's even better is that Izzy can get up and down off the toilet without touching or dragging her body across the seat.
Yay looster!
What I love most though is the level of independence that the Little Looster has introduced into our home.  Izzy is still using pull-ups but they stay dry 75% of the time because she loves using the potty now. She will get the urge, stop what she's doing and as she runs to the bathroom announces "MOMMY I GO POTTIEEEEEE!". It's almost like a toddler sonic boom as she rockets through the house. 

And since she is staying dry most of the time I think we might *gulp* finally take the leap to big girl underwear.

Want to know a secret? 

I like the Looster too...
Aside from the comfortable ride the Looster provides, I love, love, love that it was invented by a mom. She saw a need in the market and she filled it! Frankly, I am shocked that no one had come up with this in the past - it just seems so right. So there you go folks, an average, every day mom can come up with something completely life altering. (But we knew that, right ladies?) Corporate america, we flip our mom hair at you! 

All and all I give the Little Looster 5 out of 5 rolls of TP. It's great for those just starting on the potty and...ummm...beyond. It's sturdy, light weight, safe and encourages hygienic behavior (aka not wrapping their fingers around the underside of the seat. ick). 

Now get the hell out of here. I've gotta see a man about a horse.

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Disclaimer: The Little Looster was provided to me at no cost in an exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% mine and I was not compensated in any way for a positive review of this product. Carry on now.