BlogHer'11 Recap: A few words, many, many bad photos

I think I have finally recovered from BlogHer'11. Again, I would like to that Medifast for choosing to sponsor myself, Jenni and Stephanie. I hope we lived up to your expectations.
So would I go to BlogHer again, with or without a sponsor?
Hell Freaking Yeah I would!
This experience was beyond amazing. It strengthened friendships and built new ones (which is my absolute favorite part of any gathering). And after talking to a variety of people, BlogHer inspired me to focus even more on the health and wellness of my family thus inspiring the possible direction of this blog. (Don't worry, there will always be embarrassing photos in which I make an ass of myself). Personally, it showed me that while I have come so far on this weight loss journey that I still have many challenges ahead and issues to work on.
Above all else, I had an awesomely exhausting trip to San Diego! Best of all, there are only a few embarrassing photos....and! (See? I told you there will ALWAYS be embarrassing pics.) So I could tell you about the amazing sessions I went to - but you've probably already read the same schpeel on someone else's blog. I will say that all of the speakers were fantastic and totally brave for getting up in front of all of us. I learned so much from these women and I thank them for having the guts to get up on those panels and grace us with their knowledge.
So rather than repeat a lot of what has already been said on other blogs, instead, here is a crap ton of photos and one really amazing video from Mama Pop.

Jenni from the BlogJenni from the BlogGoober MonkeyGoober MonkeyThe Paper Mama25DesignsJenni from the BlogThe Paper Mama25Designs Clever Girls
seriously, I like my Medifast Smores bar better!
Even better than real smores!Together CountsTogether Counts

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