Be Well. Save Well.

When I was a kid, I thought this was a totally acceptable form of Vitamin C.
Since everyone in this house has practically died twice this month thanks to what could only be a resurgence of the Black Plague, I'm going to fight nature with nature! Now that I'm all grown up, I know that the key to getting loads of beneficial Vitamin C is to drink lots of 100% Natural Florida Orange Juice (#FloridaOJ). And that is exactly what we are going to start doing!

Safeway has this really great 'Be Well. Save Well' pamphlet with tips on how to boost your immune system. Even better, it has great coupons!

I used some of these great coupons to stock up on some prevention tools.
How stinking cute are those tissues?
Also, by following the simple tips below from the Be Well. Save Well. pamphlet you have a better shot at avoiding germs all season long and keep yourself healthy during cold and flu season (which apparently hit late this year).

Be active.
Start logging some miles with me! The C25k is calling your name! Getting your blood pumping is never a bad thing. But germs love to incubate indoors. Get out and get some fresh air and shake off all those ickies!
Pack produce.
Load up on veggies and fruit to help support the immune system. Dark, leafy greens are a great source of antioxidants. And picky kids (like mine who won't touch a piece of kale with a pixie stick) will love getting nutrients from fresh fruits. If cost is a concern, canned, frozen and dried veggies and fruits are an economical and convenient option.

Spice up your winter!
::wink, wink, knudge, knudge::
"I'm fine!" One of my favorite Friend's episodes.
Seriously though, adding hot peppers and hot sauce to a meal when you are stuffed up will help open up your airways and let you taste your food.

Squeeze out good nutrition.
There’s lots of great juice blends out there. But 100% Florida Orange Juice is a quick and tasty way to get Vitamin C into your diet every day. A since 8oz glass gives you a full serving of Vitamin C that your body needs every day to stay healthy.
Stay clean.
(In other words: quit using your sleeve!)
Arm yourself with Clorox wipes for quick disinfecting clean-ups and anti-bacterial soap to wash hands frequently.

Take a multivitamin and a probiotic.
Yum! Can't wait to try this!

Safeway did forget some other simple rules of engagement when it comes to flu and cold season. I'd like to suggest an addendum to their pamphlet to include these simple rules:

If you are buying food from the loose bulk bins, use that dag-gone scoop, not your hand!

If your kid looks like this, keep her home from school:
Poor Iz was having a bad day.

Or if your kid does this a lot during cold & flu season, keep them away from my kid.

In short, stay away from children...especially my little gold digger.

All kidding aside, good, old-fashioned Florida Orange Juice is a convenient way to pack in the Vitamin C. It helps to boost your immune system and gives you a great energy boost.
It's like sunshine in a cup!

Ok...that was corny...but it is tasty, nutritious and I'm pretty sure Barack approved!

Imagine what it could do for you!

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