First Dentist Trip

Izzy took her first trip to the dentist a few weeks ago... OK it wasn't really her first. She couldn't hack it the first go round so we rescheduled. I totally feel ya kid. Even making the appointment makes me sweat.
One day I will tell you the story of how I had to sue my dentist over a root canal gone wrong.

But I digress.

My brave baby totally rocked this appointment. She did have to sit on my lap - which was interesting? - but otherwise she happily followed all the instructions from the technician.
Ready? Such a flattering angle, no?
Seriously, laying in that chair and not being the one getting worked on was super weird.
Getting her teeth 'rubbed'. She was all about getting this gadget for home. :P
Mr. Thirsty. She was not a fan.
Flossing. I was shocked, she really enjoyed this and often asks me to do it for her.
Because Izzy was such a brave girl, not only did she get a toothbrush and a
sticker, but and extra special toy - a beanie baby.

We helped Izzy prepare for this do-over trip by reading her stories about the dentist. Her favorite was Show Me Your Smile!: A Visit to the Dentist (Dora the Explorer).

You'd think Izzy actually knows how to read by the way she has this story memorized. Her favorite part is where Dora discovers she has a cavity and has to get a filling.  Not surprisingly, this is the part that makes my fingers curl up backwards and I chew on my kneecaps. Izzy tells us almost daily that she has to brush her teeth so that she doesn't get any holes in her mouth.

It's a really cute book though. It takes you through all the steps of a dental visit from the waiting room to cleaning, x-rays and picking out a prize at the end. 

Good ol' Swiper even makes an appearance. For now Izzy loves the dentist. And because the office is right at the entrance of our development, she asks about it every day, asking when she gets to go again.

Why is my kid so weird? ;)

How are you prepping your toddler for their first visit to the dentist? If you've already gone, how did it go?