Wordless Wednesday | Happy National Margarita Day!

Did you all know that this is a for real holiday?
No really, this is life altering and earth shattering for me! So we celebrated with taco salads and some low-carb 'ritas.

Happy National Margarita Day y'all! Don't get too sloppy!

(FYI: Clear Tequila has less carbs than it's golden cousin. The Jose Cuervo light mix has zero calories and carbs. I like a splash of OJ for flavor - so that ups the calories and carbs. I used about two tablespoons.)

(FYI x2: This isn't a sponsored post. I just REALLY like margaritas and wanted to record this monumental day.)

(FYI x3: Barack likes low carb 'ritas too! No salt please.)