Review | The root of the problem


I've been dying my hair since I was fourteen. These days, that isn't such a big deal. But back in my day, when we walked six miles in the snow, uphill both ways, barefoot and with a pack of wild dogs chasing us, young girls coloring their hair wasn't that common. 

It was even more uncommon to have a head full of half blue and half hot pink hair. Boy, do I miss the 90's.

But once that first drop of dye hit my head, it was over for me. I had caught the bug and I haven't stopped coloring my hair since. I'm much more conservative these days (though only recently did I stop weaving hot pink blazes into my hair). As of late I've been transitioning back to my natural color and letting it grow back in.

Oh hahaha I can't even type that without laughing. Who am I kidding? I just don't have time to go to the salon - let alone the money (holy smokes hair color at a salon is expensive!). Between work, home, kid, husband, managing my little projects and all the millions of other things on my to-do list, going to the salon for a touch-up isn't even on my radar. And me and box color? We don't exactly get along anymore. The mess is too much for me and somehow I always mess up the color. But these roots I have going on are shameful.

So I decided to give Revlon Root Erase by ColorSilk™a try. Root touch up home kits are nothing new but this is a new product from Revlon. This brand was more appealing to me mostly because of the bottle. Most of the touch-up kits on the market now have a nozzle or comb applicator. I've always found these techniques to be very messy despite their easy-use appearance. Root Erase has a unique sponge applicator (Precise Control™) that works like an eraser to glide on hair drip-free.

I was worried about my technique. When I color my hair I usually just glop the stuff on my head and hope I hit every spot. So doing something more precise like roots, I thought for sure I'd end up with some crazy hair.

I'm not sure how well they show in this photo but they are pretty dark

I chose shade #61 for medium blonde.
I won't kid you, I was nervous about choosing a color. It's been so long since I've colored my hair that its a hot mess of roots, highlights, lowlights and probably some finger paints. I was very concerned over how well any of these colors would blend into my hair despite the promise of "Matches any brand, even salon color."

You begin by parting your hair into your every day hairstyle. For me that looks something like this:
This should be easy.

Mix up your color and re-cap with the Precise sponge applicator (2 small bottles, two easy steps), turn the bottle upside down and give it a little squeeze to fill the applicator sponge.
Then get to work on erasing those weeks ::ahem:: months of neglect.
This product is so easy to use, I was even able to let Izzy help me.
Disclaimer: I don't recommend letting your kid play with hair dye.
We let Iz take a few swipes for fun.

After you've covered all of your roots, set a timer for 10 minutes and relax. 
One of the first things I noticed about this hair color is that there is no strong odor. You've probably noticed from my photos that I dyed my hair in the kitchen. Because my bathroom is so small, normally I cannot even stand in the bathroom after applying hair color, let alone during the application. Usually I am overcome by the strong chemical smell. I went into my bathroom after applying Root Eraser and I could barely tell I had it on my head.

After ten short minutes, rinse out your hair and style as normal.

I have to tell you, I am beyond pleased with the results of this product. After drying my hair, I could not see where my roots had been and where my old dye job began. The new color blended beautifully with the old, thanks to no real effort on my part.  Usually my hair feels a little crunchy after lightening it. My roots were nice and soft and there was no lingering chemical smell.

The 'Uncle Rico gets a Glamour Shot' pose.
(geez, I have big hands! I never realized!)
I'll definitely be using this product again. In all it was less than 20 minutes of my time. But what's even better is I spent a whopping $3.97 on the touch-up kit! What do you think?

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