Review | 4X Pro-B: A post about my colon


Hmmm...Okay, I wasn't sure how to write about this. Because I have no problem talking about this...and you can't really sugar coat this topic...nor should you, that would be weird.

So I'll just say it.

This post is about poop.

Still here?

I promise there won't be photos or smell-o-vision. But we should talk about this. Because how often you poop, what it looks like and sometimes even what it smells like is very important. Besides, poop is funny and a fun word to say!

We spend all this time dieting, eating right (hopefully), exercising and taking vitamins to keep ourselves healthy and looking good. Did you know that your digestive health plays a key role in the health of your immune system? Which means it also plays a role in helping you look good. So if you are still squeamish about poop, let's look at it like its the ultimate beauty product. 

This would normally be where I'd insert a joke about a mud bath...but let's keep this sort of tasteful, shall we?

Want to see what kind of awfulness can happen if you don't take care of your digestive health?
So, you are probably already taking great care of the front end of your digestive system. You brush your teeth, floss, put good food in your body. But what about the *ahem* back end? Your tummy, intestines, and colon? Yeah, I know, all kinds of icky things are going on down there. Secretions, gas, enzymes, micro-organisms like bacteria ::shudder:: All of these things play a huge part in keeping you healthy. And I don't know about you, but I enjoy a good trip to the 'library'. In fact, if you play Words with Friends with me, chances are I dropped that 80 point bomb while I was dropping a different kind of bomb.

Too much? Well now we are just a little closer than we were before. Don't you feel special?

It wasn't until my husband started griping at me that I wasn't keeping up with the games that I realized I wasn't going as often as I should. And when I did go...well, it was either something akin to what you'd find in a rabbit hutch or the EPA was showing up at my house in HAZMAT gear because I set off some sort of air quality sensor in our county. 

Things weren't balanced out and truth be told, I didn't feel so hot. I was sluggish, I felt bloated and all I wanted was a pin to pop myself. So I decided to start pro-biotic therapy with 4X Pro-B from Costco.
Ordering from is super easy and way more convenient than going out to the store. Also, the shipping is lightening fast!
Just a few simple steps and you’ll be done shopping in a snap...unless
you get distracted by all the other great stuff on their site.
Getting in the correct balance of foods and water is key in maintaining good digestion. 
But if you've gone through an illness (and I've been sick off and on for the last month) your body can be depleted of naturally occurring bacterias that aide digestion. Using 4X Pro-B will help me get back on track and keep things in order.
This packaging is great. I have a heck of a time remembering to take my vitamins. Sometimes I know I've mistakenly taken extra doses because I could not remember if I had taken it or not. But these individual bubble packets marked with the days of the week are perfect for someone like me.
And the pill isn't too big either. Next to it is my fish oil pill. That sucker is huge! The 4X Pro-B pill is only slightly larger than the average aspirin capsule.

After being on the supplement for a couple of weeks now, I feel like things are starting to get back in order. Check back with me in a few weeks and I'll update you on how things are moving along. ;) Until then, I'll be happily droppin' 80 point bombs in every 'library' I can find.

• • • • •
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