Giveaway | Girl's night out!

Things I love:

  • My girlfriends
  • Booze
  • Dramatic Make-up
  • Short skirts
  • Hot Pink
  • Booze

When I found out that the B+ Foundation and the Real Charitable Housewives of Delaware were holding an 80's themed Mom Prom, first I got drunk, and then I called all my girlfriends. After I got done talking drunk sexy to them, I remembered why I called.


The only event that rivals date night with my sexy, mountain man husband is Girl's Night!
This beard...I love it and hate it with such a passion.
And girl's night with my two closest friends dressed up in 80's gear: Perfect recipe for a ridiculously stellar night out!
Izzy insisted on getting dressed up as well and was so sad that we went out without her. She made out okay in the end though, she has lots of new play clothes and jewelry.

My girls looked amazing! Steph was classy as always with her just out of the 70's sheath dress. Kylie went edgy with some hot pink accents and Becky looked like she just stepped off the Motley Crue tour bus. Pretty sure Tommy Lee tapped that. Oh and let's talk about how truly amazing Becky's outfit was. She was a (delightful!) last minute addition to the group when someone else had to cancel. She put this outfit together in under three hours! Winner of the evening in the 'Rock Star' category.
And Diva that I am, I modeled my outfit after my 80's idols: Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and Jem.
We danced the night away to 80's top fourty. I feel no shame in telling you, I spent the better of the week that followed listening to the 80's station on XM and wondering if I could pull of leggings, knee boots and a sweater dress.
There was lots of wine and you know what wine leads to! Poor attempts at trying to take photos with your friends and LOTS of duck face.
Did you spot another awesome Delaware blogger in there?
I spy Susan from Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva!
The only thing that could make girl's night out even better is if somebody wins something. I won the booze basket! Appropriate, right?
Here's your chance to win something! 
Chevy Girls is giving away a gift cards so that you can take your favorite girls on a night out!
Head on over to their Facebook page and find details on how you can win a $100 PF Chang's Gift Card and next week they'll be giving away a $100 Flemming's Steak House Gift Card!
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