5 pound bag full o' random

Earlier this week I offered up a reader survey on Twitter and Facebook. So far, as I suspected it would be, it was largely ignored. So if you'd like to make me feel just marginally less looser-ish, you can do the survey as well. But of the people that filled it out, one sentiment that was echoed many times was that y'all wish I posted more often. You know what? Me too. But it's tough. I'm a working mom, I'm up in the gym workin' on my fitness, and I have lots of little projects - the most important being the husband, kid and drinking wine (in no particular order). 

Oh. I get lazy too. 

The biggest problem I have though is putting all the little random things I think, say or do into something that it actually worth reading. Then I said "Screw it! The internet is just like my brain, full of random shit that in bits and pieces, no one cares about. But if I jam it all into one post...well, they probably still won't care because those bastards didn't even take my survey, but I'm gonna jam 10 pounds of crap into a 5 pound bag with a hole in it and see what happens."

And that is how we got to today. You are welcome.

• • •

I've been trying to teach Izzy a variety of theme shows and quirky songs. This was an attempt at the Golden Girls song - which she refers to as 'The Girls Song'. Let me know when you spot the irony in that renaming.

• • •

Yesterday, with great sincerity, I uttered the phrase: "I'd stick my hand in a cow."

On it's own, the statement raises an eyebrow or two. But to put it in perspective, I was referring to this:
Yeah...I guess that really doesn't clear things up. But I said it and I meant it. So if there is anyone that knows of a cannulated cow that I can stick my arm into in the tri-state region, give me a shout.

• • •
I recently discovered the now defunct podcast Are We There Yet?
It's pretty much the best thing ever and makes me want to do a podcast or vlog. They are funny, they curse a lot and seem like nice, genuine people even though dad seems to have some anger and resentment issues. I wouldn't know anything about that.

I don't know what happened or why they don't podcast anymore. But even before I get to the end of five years of podcasting, I can say I miss them. Please come back.

• • •

I thought this was a pretty nifty idea and plan to use it on my camera and iPhone. 
How to get your camera back...maybe
Do I actually expect someone to give me back my camera or phone? Not really. But considering that I generally keep my phone in my bra next to the flaps of skin that can no longer really be called breasts and its like 100 degrees outside - you go ahead and enjoy my stinky-tit-sweat phone. Salud

• • •
And lastly, just for funsies, I printed up new business cards for myself. At first I was all 'Heh. That's cute. Whatevs.'
Now I am pretty much in love with them and I can't get this damn song out of my head.