MIA? Sort of...


Oh. Hi there! I know I'm not exactly timely with posting - but it's Thursday already and its just too dang quiet around here. I'll have my Medifast update for y'all later. In the meantime I  thought I'd share what I've been up to offline. 

If you are a blogger, the you already know that we are only 14 days away from the biggest blogging conference for women, BlogHer12. 

If you are not a blogger, we are only 14 days away from the biggest blogging conference for women, BlogHer12. It's like prom for bloggers.

I'll be attending again this year (Thanks Medifast!!!!), so I've been feverishly getting all the little tasks done that go into attending this conference. Doing things like creating business cards, media kits and blog re-designs...unfortunately none of them mine. That's okay, I work better under the gun anyway. And even though the stuff I've been working on has not been for me, I am so pleased that I was honored with the task of creating these items for other bloggers.

First up is my friend Shaun from Living with Peanut. She needed:

A new logo

Blog Header

Blog Button

Media Kit

Then my friends Melinda and Rob from Look What Mom Found! (and Dad too!) realized they needed new business cards too. They have a unique blog. They are a husband and wife team but are very much individuals on their blog. It's important to showcase that and we thought it would be fun for each of them to have their own cards. When you put them together, you get the whole picture - almost like a trading card. Here's the two options that I presented them. I'm partial to the one with the yellow background.

So, aside from continuing to nurse the new hole in my head, that's what I've been up to. And I might go MIA again as I move on to completing my own stuff for BlogHer12. But hopefully I can squeeze some time in to give you all a Medifast update because I have some really cool photos to share with you guys and gals.

How are things with you fine folks? I hope y'all on the East Coast are staying cool during this heat wave!