Lil' bestie

Last night we had the pleasure of having our friend Maggie over for a play date. My bestie Steph1 had an early evening appointment so her daughter came over to hang out with us.
She looks worried, too.

It was a pretty low-key night. We had snacks, played with dolls, tea party with Uncle Christian and lots of time in the play kitchen. (I see a play kitchen in Maggie's future!)
Maggie was totally blowing off Izzy's attempt to hug her. 
I've never watched Maggie before. I am pretty sure her mother, after seeing my stellar mothering skills, was wary of Mag's safety in my care. After I promised her there would be no roof climbing, baby BMX bike tricks or juggling of torches, Steph relented and left Maggie in our care. However, I never promised that I wouldn't do this:

We can't wait to have Mags over again soon...if Steph let's us have her. ;)