Hurricane Sandy - How you can help

By now, you've seen the destruction that Hurricane Sandy caused, and maybe you fell victim to this horrible storm. Originally, the area where I live in northern Delaware was supposed to be hardest hit by this storm. We were spared the worst of this storm. There was a lot of damage and flooding in southern DE and on my end of the state, the waterfront on the outer edges of my town was battered.

But all in all northern Delaware was fairly unscathed in comparison to the hardest hit regions.

At our house, we were incredibly fortunate. We lost a 30+ foot tree when it fell in our pool.

The ground was so wet that the wind simply pushed it out of the ground.
We didn't even hear it fall in the night. Of course I did feel a little sick when I realized if the wind had blown in a different direction, I would have been sleeping with that tree. It would have fallen right into our bedroom. Thankfully that was not the outcome. I won't even dwell on what could have been or the inconsequential mess that was made. Not when I've seen and heard the stories that are coming out of NY and NJ.

Two of my friends from a local blogging group were personally touched by the aftermath of this storm. Both jumped to the call for help in the recovery by doing what they do best - harnessing social media to get the word out. 

My friend Cindy, a New Jersey native, started a Facebook page where she posts relief resources and information for Southern Jersey and beyond. This has been a hugely important resource to people affected by the storm. I hope you'll check out the page and maybe find an organization to give to and benefit relief efforts.

My other friend Sarah, born and raised in Staten Island, New York watched her hometown be destroyed via photos on the internet.
"I see facebook posts of old friends talking about the destruction, the suffering and the loss. My heart is in pain from the devastation that Hurricane Sandy left behind."

Sarah had made a donation to Red Cross donation, collected donation items and delivered them as well. But she felt compelled to do more.
"It’s getting so cold out and people have lost everything.

As the granddaughter, daughter and niece of knitters and crocheters I thought by collecting handmade hats and giving them out directly to in the communities that lost I could bring a little bit of warmth and love from knitters and crocheters. So I have created Spreading the Warmth: One Hat at a Time".

"I decided I could unite some people, maybe gather up 50 or so hats and bring them home to Staten Island. To the families that have lost EVERYTHING!!! A friend of a friend from Staten Island made me a flyer that I started sharing it a little on facebook late Monday night and Tuesday Morning."

By Tuesday morning she had over 100 emails and Facebook message from people that wanted to help.
"From Canada, to Israel, to The Netherlands, Orlando, Wisconsin, Iowa, California, Nevada AND SO MANY more places I can’t list them all."

And Sarah is looking for more. Are you a knitter? Do you Crochet? Together we can Spread the Warmth, One Hat at a Time.....
You can follow the collect progress and cheer on everyone on Facebook- Finnegan And The Hughes
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Please share this post with crafty friends. Let's spread some warmth and love to those that need it most.

About Sarah: I grew up in Staten Island, New York and my family moved to New Jersey when I was 18 years old. I say things like Pay-pa and waddaa sometimes and try to cover my thick accent! When I escaped working in New York City for a new life in Philadelphia I started dating my now husband Rob. We have two children, Derek is 4 and Hayley is 2. Finnegan is our 5 year old Australian Shepherd and really more like a third child than a dog. All of our children love to sleep in our bed!! I blog over at