Some good news...finally :)

As far back as I can remember, my family has always owned American cars. My grandfather worked for Chrysler, and my father and brother both had very long careers at General Motors. So driving American-made cars has always been important to us. I cannot remember a time when a foreign car ever sat in our driveway.

My first car was a Chevy Caprice station wagon.
This one isn't mine. Mine had footprints on the top of it from my friend Frank walking on top of it.

No, really...
C.C. has long since gone to the big garage in the sky but she got me back and forth to school, work, and lots of places that my parents probably would not have approved of. She was, to date, my favorite car ever. You just can't beat a wood-panel station wagon. 

After that, I tore up the streets in this sexy beast.
Jelly? Well hold onto your hat. Because my next Chevy was my dad's work van. A cargo van with no seats in the windows either.
Don't be hatin'. I took some of the most epic naps ever in the back of that van on my lunch break at work. And who got to help all her friends move? This girl, that's who!

These days I drive something a little cooler but still completely functional, a Chevy Equinox and my husband drives a Chevy Aveo.

Can you tell that I love my car? She might just be in our family Christmas photo this year.
I joke that my cars will continue to get bigger while my husband's get smaller and that his next car will be a Chevy Spark. 
Believe it or not, at 6'1" he'd fit into a Spark just fine. (Yes, I will insist on getting the pink Spark. I mean come on, how often does a car come standard in PINK!)
One day he'll get his Silverado - preferably a hybrid. But I'm sure he will want it to look more like this:
So you are probably wondering why I'm going on and on about Chevy. Well, you may remember two weeks ago I alluded to some good things that are happening that would hopefully bring me out of my recent funk. One of those things is Chevy.

When you are on a brand's Facebook page or Twitter, have you ever wondered who the person was behind the account? Well, in the case of the Philly Chevy Girls Facebook and Twitter pages, that person is me!
I'm so excited (and nervous!) about this new venture. Obviously I dabble in social media with my blog's Facebook and Twitter pages, and I've represented brands like Medifast. But this is the first time I'll really get to really show my chops in this market! I've been a Chevy Girls Socialite for the Philly market for about 6 months now. It's been a lot of fun. Basically as a socialite, I just help to keep the conversation going and interact with the people that are interested in the brand.

A few weeks ago I was asked if I'd be interested in being the Community Manager for Chevy Philly.

Um, heck yeah!

Now I'm the one with the task of starting those conversations! And if you've learned anything from my blog, you know that I loooooove to talk. To have the opportunity to do that on Twitter and FB on a professional level is like a dream come true! Talk, talk, talk. It's kind of my specialty. (Talking about things that are proper or interesting, well that's another story.) To be able to talk about a brand I love, use and trust, well, that is a gift! And I have my friend Tina over at Life Without Pink to thank for this opportunity. It was a nod from her that helped me to get my foot in the door. I hope that I can live up to and exceed everyone's expectations.

So I hope that you will pop over to Chevy Philly's Facebook and Twitter pages and join in on the conversations. (And ya know, it will help convince Chevy of my super awesomeness and that they should keep me around. ;) ) We'll have some fun, learn some stuff and you just might win some prizes!