10 Steps to Being a Better Parent in 2013

Resolutions - better known as ‘How to kill your self esteem with the first 24 hours of the New Year.’ I don’t traditionally make New Year resolutions. Scratch that. I don’t keep New Year resolutions. If failed attempts at resolutions were dollar bills, I would have enough money to pay off that credit card that I resolved to pay off two years ago. 

After years and years of failure, I eventually wrote off resolutions as a joke. Even worse, they became something to feel bad about and a way to beat myself for failing. I stopped making resolutions years ago because it was easier to just stop than it was to try again. This year though, I’ve decided its time to take up the tradition of making resolutions again. This decision came to me as I sat staring at a mound of laundry mixed with various toys and...well...something moved under that pile and I knew something had to change. (It turned out to be the cat. Phew! But we hadn’t seen her in a few days, so the situation was still pretty dire.) I had realized that as a family, we’d become kind of lazy. Sure we were all happy, active and growing but we could be doing better.

I mulled over this concept of being ‘better’ while participating in one of my all time favorite ways to procrastinate - surfing Pinterest. Procrastination: the #1 thing on my resolution list. Though I may wait until next December to act on that one. Anyway, I came across a graphic titled: Gandhi's Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World