Night away, Part One: I am Milton Hershey's bitch.

remember the other day when i was all freaked out about going away over night and being away from izzy for the first time?
yeah. um, it was FREAKING AWESOME!

Kiely and I went to Chocolate Town at Hershey Park for our first stop. We took the tour that told us about the history of chocolate and how it's made. 
Naturally the story was told partly in song AND by cows.

Please note that these numbers are based on the projected amount of candy Hershey executives thought i would eat during my visit. i am proud to say i exceeded their expectations.

oh look, another cow!

My favorite part of this whole event was the lady that was in front of us with her daughter and her little friend. Everything was a lesson. everything. i wanted to tear my hair out. i was especially impressed by the spelling lesson she decided to give in lieu of keeping the line moving in an orderly fashion.

After the tour we went to the shops and i bought a ridiculous amount of chocolate. but in my defense it was all stuff i had never seen before.
i bought:

eh...they are ok. i'm sure i will eventually shovel the whole bag down my gullet. but i wouldnt buy them again. the have a good flavor but they are really gritty.

yum. yum. YUM.
i am not much of a wine drinker. but i want to drink wine and eat the whole bag at once while rolling around in the wrappers. but if i do this i am also saying i'd like to barf my brains out for two hours immediately following the last piece. 

I am not the type to eat one piece of candy. i can eat two regular-sized cadbury eggs without flinching.
i have met my candy kryptoniteit's one and done with this candy. its so rich you must have it with a glass of milk.

i think the dynamic picture says it all. BAM! its dark chocolate! while i enjoyed the dark chocolate kit kat, i almost found it to be too bitter. I dont think christian liked it that much either. we were supposed to split it and he let me have 3 of the four 'fingers'.

i haven't tried this yet. but i have a feeling i will be drinking gallons of dark chocolate milk.

as one might guess, i have a stomach ache and all of my teeth have rotted out of my head. totally worth it.

Part Two of my super awesome night away will be posted tomorrow with video clips and blurry photos. woo hoo!


  1. Chocolate World is so much fun!

  2. I love the singing cows! They are the best part next to the free chocolate at the end.