Y3W: We totally caved


Dear weather, you can suck it. You went from beautiful, mild days, into a week of rain and then BAM! right up to 90 degrees and humid. You, weather, can kiss my ass. We won't even talk about what you are doing to those poor people in Missouri and other states with all the damn tornadoes.

Now, I feel like kind of a jerk for complaining about hot weather. After all, that is truly the worst of our problems when we are talking about weather over here in Delaware. Sure some stuff in the basement got wet and some of it ruined because of the constant rain last week. But ummm, yeah I'm gonna take it as a blessing. We needed to get rid of some junk anyway.

So I am not going to complain about the weather anymore. Rather I will complain about money.

Last summer we discovered we had an issue with out air conditioner unit. Something about a coil and a do-hickey and thousands of dollars to replace it.

Did you hear that? That was the sound of my skull exploding and my wallet whimpering. 

We were told that we could limp along until next summer but we'd have to replace the unit eventually. Ok great! Limping along is okay. Then somehow the entire fall, winter and spring went by, like, overnight and here we are back at summer again. With a broken a/c unit. And I don't know who the jerk was that tore all those pages out of my calendar but I want them back damn it!

So this summer we decided that we'd limp along some more. We can run the a/c when we get totally desperate but we resolved to tough it out with fans and icy cold drinks. Of course we made this declaration when it was 70-some degrees outside during the day and in the 40's at night. 

People, it's effing hot outside. It's even hotter inside.

It's so hot int he house that the cat has taken to sleeping on the toilet to keep cool.
We made it to 87 degrees and caved. The a/c is on and I am trimming the budget in an attempt to get our money tree to bloom a little faster. 

In the meantime, please send ice. Lots and lots of ice.