WW: First Passport


We are going on a road trip in September. Our little family is piling into the Equinox and heading to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. So we had to take Izzy to apply for her first passport this week. Actually, it was our third attempt at getting the passport. I tried to apply on Friday. Silly me, it didn't even dawn on me that I would need Christian to be there since his name is on Izzy's birth certificate. Totally my fault. So we went back after C got off of work. 

We came back well before the Post Office was due to close and the lovely agent we got says to me 'Tsk. This takes too long. I gotta go on my lunch break. Someone else is gonna have to do this.' Hands us the paperwork and walks away. God bless some of these postal workers and the way they make our lives so easy. It must be really daunting sitting at that little desk all day, weighing letters and stamping envelopes in the climate controlled post office. If I had a hard job like that, I'd be an asshole to perfectly polite customers all day too. This lady must be friends with my mail lady that leaves everyone's mailboxes wide open on rainy days. I bet they sit around cackling over this kind of stuff while eating out of 'lost' packages from the Cheese of the Month Club.

As we finished filling out our form, we saw them turn off all the lights in the passport office - a full 45 minutes before the post office was due to close.


Since C was on the verge of 'going postal' we left and decided to come back on Monday. Finally we got a postal worker that was actually helpful. It was a rocky start, she gave us a lot of attitude until she found out the passport was for Izzy. I guess kids are her bread and butter because after that she was all smiles. We had a little difficulty getting Izzy's photo because she wouldn't look right at the camera. But the whole process took less than twenty minutes. Yes, that certainly is a long process. **eyeroll**

Izzy is very excited about her 'special mail' that she will get in a few weeks. For some reason she thinks the passport is a coloring book. Note to self: put passport on a really high shelf, away from the crayons.

P.S. Dear USPS: I know you know where I live. I will look forward to extra junk mail and lost birthday checks as retaliation for this post.