Follow up: The 500,000 step guide to Become Yourself

Remember that time I committed to running 250 miles in 185 days?
Well, If you've been paying attention to my sidebar (yeah, I know, there's a lot going on over there) you may have noticed this:
That's a lot of miles!

In my car, I would have end up at:
  • Checkers on County Road 46, Shirley, New York.
    Personally I prefer Sonic. Roma Funeral Home is a few more miles down the road. Should I ever decide to run 188 miles straight through, I'll put in a call with them. I might need it.
  • Manns Choice, PA.
    I think the name says it all. Because there is no way I'd choose to go there. Is there a Woman's Choice, PA? If there is, I bet there is lots of shopping, a place to get a pedi and if we are really lucky, a bookstore with a coffee shop.
If I get my pick though, I'm headed South to

  • 154 Winery Lane in Leon, VA to the  Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery
    ::droool:: Oh. Uh...sorry. Dear Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery, I think you should reward all of my hard work with a case of Prince Michel 2006 Tres Bien or anything from your Rapidan River selection. YUM! Or maybe a stay in one of your luxury suites ;) 
    oh my...I'm seriously drooling over their site right now.

I could go lots of places in 188 miles. But what I am thinking of is where my 250 miles could take girls that need a little guidance. When I started this mission, I didn't have a lot of faith in myself that I could actually do it. My lack of fundraising thus far has been quite intentional. I needed to prove to myself that I could see this goal through to the end. But now the time has come to ask you all for some help.

Today is National Running Day, and like thousands of others, I got out and logged some miles.

As of now, I have 62 miles left of my goal of 250 miles by August 3rd. I'd like to earn $1,000.00 to donate to Girls on the Run - that's $16.13 per mile. Can you help me do that? Girls on the Run is such an important program that helps build self esteem in young girls through physical activities that encourage positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development. I would love to raise funds so that they can continue to reach out to communities across the US.
I'm offering incentive packages for those that might be interested in advertising or running a 5k with me. But I am accepting donations of any size.

Please help me empower future generations of girls. I have roughly 124,000 steps left to take. The greatest journey starts with a single step. Imagine what we can do with 124,000.