Take it off | Week 72 & 73: So close

Where did I leave off the last time we did one of these? Oh yes, I had gained weight. I was having some minor health issues and I had gone on a little mini-vacation to the shore. I also had a pity party over my health issues and convinced myself that it was okay to eat lard straight from a bucket with a slathering of buttercream icing on top.

Okay, it wasn't that bad. But the damage I did, however slight, was my own damn fault (as it always is barring lady issues or confinement to a hospital bed or something).

After my weekend of fun, I got right back on the horse and continued with transition. Also, for the most part, I stayed off the scale. In the last fifteen days I have weighed myself twice on back to back days. Before that I was usually weighing every 2-3 days to keep myself in check. The scale wasn't moving and I was no closer to my final goal than I was a month ago. And the thought occurred to me that:

  1. This might not be a healthy habit to participate in
  2. I cannot live my life by the scale. 
  3. I need to learn to let go of that scale and rely on myself and my ability to make good choices. I need to trust myself.
So that's what I did. Until this morning I had not weighed myself in about a week. I had been following the transition plan but had little hope that I had lost. In fact, I was bracing myself for a gain. It's been incredibly and dangerously hot and humid here in Delaware. We've barely gone outside to spend time in the pool, let alone go out for runs. And our schedule simply doesn't allow for us to go after the sun goes down or before it comes up. To run in the morning, I'd have to get up at 4am and be back before C leaves for work at 430. And because we have to be at work so early in the morning, we are usually in bed by 9pm. After dinner, bath and story time, little room is left for much else. Admittedly I could have been doing exercise videos - but I slacked. I've also been incredibly busy with side projects and preparing to go to BlogHer and vacation the following week.

All of that to say - I watched what I ate and didn't expect much when I got on the scale this morning. You can imagine my surprise and delight when the scale read 142.5lbs.

That's 2.5 pounds from my goal of 100 pounds lost.

I know I say it all the time but never in my life did I think I'd get so close to meeting my goal. I really don't even know what to say about it. Its exciting and scary and really just amazing. When I look at where I was and who I was, I never would have dreamed this was really and truly possible. And even though I haven't been doing all the right things, I've been doing some of the right things. That truly does count for something. No, I can't go through my entire life doing things half way. But I can do things half way every once in a while and still have a better outcome than if I had done nothing at all. 

This is my last week of transition before I move into the maintenance phase of my Medifast journey. I'm really hoping that I will see those last 2.5 come off before I move into maintenance - but what I'm really hoping is that I see it by my 35th birthday, which is next Saturday, August 4th. I can't think of a more perfect birthday present.

• • •
I wanted to share this funny from Pinterest with you. Once in a while I will pin my progress photos. By far, this one gets the most comments. Most of them are completely positive and wonderful. But I've had a few people that were not quite convinced that the woman in the before and after photo are the same person!
 • • •
The other thing I wanted to share was this dress. I wore this on my honeymoon in 2007 and even then I had no business wearing it. I was far too heavy and it was way too tight. Now, it fits perfectly. In fact, a few more pounds and it may be too big! I'm glad I have an opportunity to wear it again!
• • •
Lastly, if you are going to BlogHer this year and want to talk to me about Medifast, look for this shirt :)
Shame I can't update the number on the back :)

Month One: -16 lbs
Month Two: -5 lbs
Month Three: -6 lbs
Month Four: -6 lbs
Month Five: -6 lbs
Month Six: -8.5 lbs
Month Seven: -7.5 lbs
Month Eight: -5 lbs
Month Nine: -2 lbs
Month Ten: -5 lbs
Month Eleven: -6 lbs
Month Twelve: -4 lbs
Month Thirteen: -6.5 lbs
Month Fourteen: -3.5 lbs
Month Fifteen: -1 lbs
Month Sixteen: -5 lbs
Month Seventeen: -2 lbs
Week seventy: -.5 lbs
Week seventy one: +1.5 lbs Crud.

Week seventy two: -1.5 lbs
Week seventy one: -1.5 lbs
Total: 97.5 lbs gone forever! Current weight: 142.5 lbs Distance from goal: 2.5 lbs!!

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