Take it Off! Week 2


Lots of great things come in dozens.
The days of Christmas
Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr.'s kids
Months in the year
Hot dog buns

So many great things come by the dozen. Except for cupcakes, I don't think many are more exciting than a dozen pounds lost. Twelve pounds in two weeks. If you had asked me a month ago if I thought I could lose twelve pounds in two weeks, I would have laughed in your face whilst licking cheese curl dust off my pudgy fingers. I've been losing the same five pounds for the last two years. There's no way in hell I thought I could be 12% of the way toward my goal of losing one hundred pounds. And while 12% in a restaurant would mean I am a sub-par waitress (this is me as a waitress); in the world of weight loss, it means I'm doing pretty damn good!

The weight tracking tool is just one of the many handy tools you'll find at mymedifast.com

In the last two and a half years of my half assed attempts at losing weight, I've never lost more than 2-3 pounds in a week. And those 2-3 pounds were always painful. A week filled with mood swings, withdrawal and binges from feeling deprived. These past two weeks? Easy. Easy. (gassy.) Easy. I had a little upset the first weekend but I learned some great lessons - the biggest being that I am stronger than the temptation.

Seriously people, I am still waging an colossal war here and will be for a while. But I have won a few battles in these two weeks and I will wear my new stripes with pride! I fought off the snackies, I obliterated the thoughts of the cupcakes in the office (two times!) and a cake, I made it through lunch at the mall food court and a birthday dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. I gave carbs the beat down of a lifetime and I don't even think about those evil cheese curls my husband keeps in the cabinet. I've even thumbed my nose at diet coke and have cut my consumption of non-water drinks in half.

I will confess that I have had a few nibbles of things that my husband was eating. But I am not even sweating that, they were truly just a nibble, just a taste. Could those nibbles affect my overall results? Sure they can. But I don't feel its realistic to expect someone to last on a weight loss journey if they can't take a pit stop along the way. I'm not talking a fork in the road and remapping the course, just a little pause to stop and smell the flowers. And honestly I think that's what this is all about. I was able to have a single bite, savor it and walk away feeling satisfied. I didn't 'cheat' and become wracked with guilt over a binge session.

Even though I think that a nibble here and there are acceptable, I am fully aware how it can spiral into two, three bites and then a whole serving of something and then some. So I nibble with caution and with the notion that this will not be the last cupcake, hot dog or whatever god awful thing my husband is eating, that I will come across in my life. So instead, I go do something else while he chows down. I am proud to say that I successfully defeated the pull of the Amish pastry shop at our local farmer's market this weekend.
Food porn! drooooooooooool

One of the changes I am enjoying most is one that I never expected. My husband is such a supportive man. Its the rare occasion that he wont support me in something. So rare, I can't even think of a single instance in which he hasn't backed a decision I've made. But I was worried about being on this plan. Worried how it would affect our weekend outings and the family dynamic. A lot of families with weight issues use food and meals as a bonding tool. Our family has been no different. Thanks to the 5 & 1 plan, I can still partake in family dinners by saving my Lean & Green meal for dinner. But my husband is making some changes of his own. We are eating out less on the weekends. Instead, we are packing foods or eating at home. He says he feels good about challenging himself to find meals at home and the money we save as a result. Since Izzy is on a PB&J kick, she doesn't even notice that we have stopped eating out.

So far this experience has been nothing but positive. I was telling my Medifast appointed dietitian that this is the easiest program I've ever participated in. On other programs I was obsessed with points and calories to the point that I would become so overwhelmed that I would just give up. On Medifast, I only have to worry about one meal.

What helps most is that I genuinely enjoy the Medifast foods. I have quickly acquired a taste for all the shakes, bars and soups and amazingly, the scrambled eggs. Pre-Medifast, you could not have paid me to eat eggs but I actually like them a lot! I even crave some of the items the way I used to crave my favorite junk foods. If you are even slightly on the fence about trying Medifast, take the leap. I really thought this program would be so incredibly hard and its not at all. I am a junk food junkie and I really don't miss that crap much at all.

Week one: -7lbs
Week two: -5lbs

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