Take it Off: Week 5


Well...where should I start? I guess I will start of by saying I didn't lose a single pound this week. If you've been following my blog you know that I went away on a weekend trip to Philly. It was planned long before Medifast was ever even a thought in my mind. We had lots of treats and goodies lined up that I didn't want to miss out on. So with that in mind, the plan for the weeks leading up to it and getting through the weekend was to maintain. I am very happy to say that I did just that.

I think - despite lack of loss - I did a really good job at staying on plan. We did a ton of walking, so there is my exercise. And for breakfast, snacks and lunch, we had our Medifast bars and snacks. Stephanie and I even had our bars for breakfast at the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art stairs. Excersice AND a meal that was on plan! We rock!
So here are my food confessions - because I am sure you are just dying to know.
Friday night, Stephanie and I went out to dinner at the Mexican Post. We both sampled the chips and salsa but we were good and didn't down the whole bowl. We also both had the taco salad with steak. But their salad was very light. Not much cheese, no refried beans, no guacamole, sour cream on the side, no dressing and there was probably about 5oz of steak in the salad. Of course we didn't eat much of the fried shell the salad was in. I had promised myself that I could have one drink over the weekend and I got a margarita.

On Saturday - the day of the diet killer - we went to Franklin Fountains. It was sooooooo good. I had the Stock Market Crunch:
Picture 1
That's Hydrox ice cream, peanut butter sauce (that's on plan, right?) and pretzel bits topped off with whipped cream. I nearly died from pleasure while eating it. However (and this has nothing to do with Franklin Fountains, the food was amazing!) I got really sick. It didn't help that I ate nearly the whole thing but I think all of those carbs coursing through my blood stream did me in. I'm not used to all that sugar anymore and it gave me a pretty good headache.

Later that night we had dinner at Chickie and Pete's. Stephanie and I split a large garden salad and each had some chicken fingers (I had 3 of the 4 in my basket). I'll be honest, I'm a little bummed we wasted calories there. The food wasn't that good - it wasn't even good for bar food. Thank goodness we had good friends and good conversation though. That saved the meal!

Sunday morning we all had the breakfast at the B&B we stayed at. More carbs! But it was a real treat and part of the experience of a B&B that you just can't pass up.

We ended our trip with a visit to Tony Luke's for steaks. I have to give props to Stephanie, she got a turkey hoagie and didn't even eat the bread! I got a cheesesteak but only ate half of it.
While I am sure the folks at Medifast are reading my post and cringing - perhaps wanting to reach through their computer and slap me - we did stay on plan a large portion over the weekend. We also walked nearly 10 miles over the course of the weekend. Overall, I am happy with the choices I made. I didn't go hog wild (and believe me, if you think the above is bad, this is nothing compared to the damage I could have done). I stayed on plan for a good portion of the weekend, ate halves instead of wholes, walked instead of taking cabs or trains - even when my feet and hips were screaming -  and most importantly, I let myself enjoy my indulgences and didn't beat myself up for them.

But I will say this: even though the food was super yummy and I don't regret a single bite (well, except Chickie and Pete's) I have no desire to eat like that regularly ever again. By Sunday night I couldn't wait to be back on plan 100% Monday morning. I love the way I feel on Medifast. My body just functions so much better.

So I went a little off the wagon but now I'm back on it and glad that I chose to let myself enjoy the Philadelphia food experience. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed and good food is part of life. I planned for this weekend and got the results I expected. Would it have been more impressive if I had stayed on plan? Sure it would have! And I could have done it but I would have been bummed to miss out on the fun. Besides, I am not trying to impress anyone. I'm just trying to be as physically and emotionally healthy as I can be. In my opinion, it takes just as much strength to maintain on a diet as it does to lose. So, I think I can call this week a success!
The tiny print on the bottom of our signs say: "Medifast Rules!" But what does preggo Steph's sign say?

Week one: -7 lbs
Week two: -5 lbs
Week three: -1 lbs
Week four: -3 lbs
Week five: -0 lbs 
Total: 16 lbs gone forever!

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