Take it off, Week 10: Weebles Wobble


This is a pretty fair representation of what I felt like two weeks ago. My weight stalled and even though I could see a difference in my shape, this is what I felt like. It was just a continuation of the week before where I just sorta felt all blah and not really into anything. Allergies have seriously been taking a toll on me. I felt squished and stretched out all at the same time. I didn't know if I was coming or going with this weight loss thing. I was doing (mostly) all the right things and I was stuck. I was doing my best not to get defeated and thanks to some friends from the twitter Medifast group and my nutritionist (what up, Jennifer!), once again I've persevered. 

Last Monday (5/2) I decided I was pissed off at my body and I was going to show it who's running the show around here. I started from square one. Medifast only, all the time. No soda, no condiments, no extras. I was slowly letting myself fall back into some bad habits. I had convinced myself that I had come so far in such a short time, what's a little extra ketchup on my southwest eggs? or I'm feeling lazy, I don't really need to weigh those veggies. Well, I'll tell you what a little extra ketchup is: it's a progress sucker. So last Monday I got back to basics. I put away the condiments, I put away the soda (even though they were diet). I weighed everything. I eased up on the exercise a bit (I can't say for sure but I may have been over doing it). And I drank more water than I thought was humanly possible.

You know what I got?

I got more awesome. (I know, I didn't think it was possible either!)

I lost 3 more pounds

Ketchup, I love ya. But you and me? We are breaking up. Maybe we'll see each other in the store once in a while and we'll say hi and look at one another wistfully. We'll recall the good times; the cheese fries, the hot dogs, that awesome char-burger where I paired you with a sinful amount of mayo. But you and I both know that we are not good for each other. We are a couple of enablers. The love affair has run it's course. I'll miss you but I've got to set you free.

What else have I been up to? I am more productive than ever. Walking during my lunch break. Taking my daughter for bike rides. Getting things done around the house. Though you wouldn't know from the looks of it - doing some Spring cleaning (we'll talk about space saver bags later but omg, love them!). I've recaptured that burst of energy that I had in the first month of Medifast. Now that I remember what it's like, I DO NOT want to lose this again.

So where did I go wrong? How did I fall off the tracks (sort of)? Is it because the diet is hard to stick to?

Nope, not at all. 

It all came down to personal choices. While I may not have acknowledged it in the moment, looking back I knew those tastes, bites and licks would catch up to me. I knew, because of my past issues with overeating that I could easily fall back into bad habits. This is something I will have to work on my entire life. Medifast can help me build the confidence to work through it but only I can resolve this issue within myself. But I had fooled myself into thinking that I was ok. Look at me! I resisted Easter candy! No Cadbury eggs have passed through these lips! But the extras weaseled their way in literally right under my nose.

If anything though, I think this is further proof that this plan works if you work it. Since getting back on track, I am down 3lbs in a week and I feel fantastic again. And aside from indulging in a bread stick and a few sips of a cocktail at the Olive Garden when my father took us out for Mother's Day, I was even able to stay on plan when eating out. I planned for that meal and made good choices in preparation of those extra calories. I knew that I would feel better about things and see better results by arming myself with the resolve to make better choices. Its true in all aspects of life that the little things are what make a big difference. Success on this plan is important to me on so many levels. It's too easy to fail.

It is always difficult to choose between what is right and what is easy. I've been all over the map. But I know which path I'm taking from now on. Do you?

Week one: -7 lbs
Week two: -5 lbs
Week three: -1 lbs
Week four: -3 lbs
Week five: -0 lbs (maintain on vacation)
Week six: -2 lbs
Week seven: -1.6 lbs
Week eight: -1.5 lbs  
Week nine: -0 lbs  le sigh. damn gravity!
Week ten: -3 lbs 
Total: 24.1 lbs gone forever!

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