Take it Off | Week 28: Lost.


Maps are pretty cool. Having part or all of the world, right there in your pocket. Lines just waiting to be traveled and explored.
The call for adventure is one we all feel at some capacity. So you choose your adventure, smooth your map out on the table, chart your course and its all very exciting and new. You pack your bags and prepare to set off on a journey of monumental proportions. It will be talked about for years to come. You start walking, map in hand, memorizing the lines, confident in your stride.

So confident that you decide to put your map away.

Then there are storms along the trail and tree limbs to stumble over, in the darkness you get turned around, you've forgotten the thoughtfully mapped out trails you had traced on your map. And even when you retrieve it from your pack, it is crumpled and torn from being stored improperly.

Panic sets in.

The map is difficult to read for all its wrinkles and your panicked eyes. The lines so carefully drawn are now blurred by the rain. Just as you were about to believe that all hope was lost and you'd never make it to the end, the rain finally ceases, a thread of sun shines through the tree canopy and you hear someone calling your name. You know now that you can go on. You can make it to end with or without your map, you will find your way with some help.

I've been lost in the woods for a few weeks now and my search party has finally arrived.

I admitted to Jenni this morning that I am struggling. I'm still on plan and losing weight but I'm losing grip on my goal. The checkpoints are getting further and further apart and the way to the end becomes more treacherous with every turn. I am mentally exhausted and feeling the pull of old habits. I thought it might be the change in seasons getting me down but really its something more woeful.

I am alone.

Stephanie and Jenni have been at goal for months and weeks now. I am so happy for their success but because they have moved to another leg of their journey I feel very much alone. Honestly, I feel a little silly for feeling 'alone' because I know there are others on the same journey; I talk to them every day. There are people that read my posts every week to comment and show support. And my husband is always a source of strength and Izzy is my reminder of why I am doing this. But we started Medifast as a team. when you are part of a team and you are the last one standing it becomes a burden. One that thankfully Jenni recognizes. Even though she made it to the end of her journey, she came back for me today.

Thank you, Jenni, for helping me feel a little less lost.

Month One: -16 lbs
Month Two: -5 lbs
Month Three: -6 lbs
Month Four: -6 lbs
Month Five: -6 lbs
Month Six: -8.5 lbs
Week twenty five: -1.5 lbs
Week twenty six: -3 lbs
Week twenty seven: -1 lbs
Week twenty eight: -2 lbs

Total: 55 lbs gone forever!

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