Off with the weight! Medifast Giveaway!

Everyone with a weight problem has wished, at one time or another, that there was a magic pill for weight loss. And I'm sure there are more than a few of us who have watched Alice in Wonderland wishing that a sip of a potion would make us small.

Sadly neither of these things exist. But there are tools that can make the work a lot easier. You've been watching me shave of pound after pound since March. Now that you've seen I can do it, I want you to have a chance to try it too. I am giving away three new Medifast products to FIVE lucky winners!

Medifast introduced three new fantastic products today. 

Our NEW Medifast Hearty Vegetarian Sloppy Joe adds a robust “comfort food” appeal to your menu.Dig right in—this satisfying tomato-based Meal is so delicious, it’s hard to believe that each serving weighsin at just 110 calories! Enjoy for lunch, dinner, or any time you crave a heartier taste. It’s packed with proteinand fiber to keep you energized and feeling satisfied. 
My take: Sloppy Joe night at our house is one of my favorites, right up there with pasta night. I was excited to see this new product on the menu but I was also leery because of my love for the original. One of the things I've always enjoyed about Medifast foods is how they consistently surprise me. Ummm....this was so good that I pretty much ate it at every meal until I was left with nothing but an empty box. It was even better with the Garden Vegetable Crackers to dip in it.

A tangy and refreshing citrus Meal-in-a-drink!
Craving a thirst-quenching burst of flavor? NEW Medifast Orange Blend’s zingy citrus taste hits the spot—and provides 25 essential vitamins and minerals, with just the right balance of fiber and protein to keep you going!
My take:  If you enjoy drinks like Sunny D or Tang (I do!) you will love the Orange Blend drink. It mixes up very nicely, it's super refreshing and has that fun tangy zip that you get with orange juice. I love the Orange Blend as a mid-morning meal because often I find that I am not hungry but still need to eat. This is the perfect compromise and it helps me get even more water in for the day!  

A “fresh-baked” chocolate chip classic!
Sometimes, nothing will satisfy a sweet tooth but the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of a
warm chocolate chip treat. Our NEW Chocolate Chip Soft Bake takes just minutes to bake up in your
microwave or oven. It feels like an indulgence, yet is only 110 calories and offers all of the high-quality
protein present in every Medifast Meal.
My take:  Okay y'all, I'm going to make a confession here and get myself in trouble. The day this box showed up on my door I was having a bad day. Try as I might to overcome some emotional eating, I was losing the battle. So I whipped up one of these and put a dollop (yes, only a dollop) of sugar free cool whip on it for a small indulgence and...well, angels sang and I wanted to do really dirty things to whoever it was at Medifast that came up with this recipe.

In all, you have a chance to win 21 meals! This is a real opportunity to give this program a try for an entire week. My advice would be to try the 5&1 program when you win these products. You could do three Medifast meals a day, another small snack (100-110 calories), a Lean & Green dinner and then another evening snack (100-110 calories). It won't be the exact program but I am telling you, after a week you will be hooked! Don't forget, I lost seven pounds in my first week on the program. To the winners, I challenge you to see what you can do in a week. 

Ok, ok, I can feel you saying STFU, Kelly. How do I win?

Here is where I make you work :)

Mandatory entry:
First, you must answer this riddle.
I'm a place to rest your elbows & sometimes a rear end
I never leave my station, rarely crack and never bend
I'm sleek, tough and cool and keep track of what you eat
Be sure to clean me off and I won't tell when you cheat!
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Contest ends midnight 11/21/11. Winner will be announce 11/22/11. Good luck!

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