Take it off | Week 37: Inching along


Five days. 


I'm excited, anxious and so ready to do this...I think.

No, no. I'm totally ready!

I need to find some new pants, so a trip to Old Navy or Wal-Mart is in order for this week. All of my workout gear is literally falling off of me. I am down to my last pair of sweatpants that thankfully have a drawstring. It actually looks quite funny when I put them on because there is about two inches of fabric bunched up around my belly button.

Now that I've mastered running 3.1 miles without stopping (and believe me, I stop at 3.1 on the nose, promptly fall to the ground and pass out in a puddle of puke), I'm working on my time. I'm averaging an 11.3 minute mile. I'm pretty darn proud of that! I've only been doing this for about six weeks. I have amazed myself at how far I have come in that time.

It is interesting how my goals for this 5k have changed. Initially I just wanted to say I completed it, even if I had to walk parts of it. Then my goal was to complete it in 45 minutes, then 40. Now I will be happy to finish at 36 minutes but really I am pushing to complete in 34 minutes. Hopefully the wind will be at my back that day. :)

Lately I've been reflecting on the year a lot. I find myself thinking 'This time last year I was...' wearing a size 22, eating cupcakes all too frequently, fast food several times a week, never exercising but promising myself I'd start tomorrow. 

Frankly, I am pretty damn impressed with myself and the progress I've made since March.

I know that running a 5k is no Earth shattering event. But I've never seen myself as a runner and I've never dared to do more than daydream about being at my 'ideal' weight. But here I am, closer and closer to it every day. The scale is still limping along, I'm only down another pound this week. However I took my measurements two weeks ago and I'm very pleased with the results.


Damn that floppy skin! My arms and thighs would be even smaller if not for the skin. None the less, I am pleased with these numbers. Even if the scale isn't moving at the pace I'd like, at least I can still see progress.

I do have some disappointing news to report. I was a big ol' fail on the #mamavation Two week challenge campaign. I think it was too much all at once. Also that the exercises and the frequency was just too advanced for me right now. I was in so much pain after the first week. And it wasn't like a good  feel-the-burn kind of pain. It was a take-me-to-the-ER-for-a-morphine-drip kind of pain. I truly felt I was hurting myself more than I was helping. But I am not giving up on it. Even though the challenge is over I am going to introduce the exercises into my routine in the coming weeks. I think slow and steady is more my style. Its important to me that I work at a pace that I am more likely to maintain and this challenge just wasn't a good fit for me right now. Congrats to those of you that made it through!

• • •

Every week y'all come by to check on my progress and I thank you for that. It really keeps me going, the stories, the encouragement, the compliments. You've been as inspirational to me as you say I've been to you. I'm sure there are a few out there that are right on the edge of trying to lose weight and reclaim your health. Maybe you just someone to push you over the line? There's a little voice in there saying 'If she can do this then I sure can!'. You can. And tomorrow I want you to come back here and find out how you can win an opportunity to try Medifast for free. 

And be warned: I'm going to make you work for it a little - but I will make it fun! So you'll be back tomorrow, yes? Cause you, (yeah, I'm looking at you!) you can do this too.

Next week we are going to talk about holiday survival! Goodness knows I need all the help I can get with that.

Month One: -16 lbs
Month Two: -5 lbs
Month Three: -6 lbs
Month Four: -6 lbs
Month Five: -6 lbs
Month Six: -8.5 lbs
Month Seven: -7.5 lbs
Month Eight: -5 lbs
Week thirty three: -0 lbs
Week thirty four: -0 lbs <insert sad face>
Week thirty five: -1 lbs <insert happy face!>
Week thirty six: -1 lbs
Week thirty seven: -1 lbs

Total: 63 lbs gone forever!
Current weight: 177 lbs
Distance from goal: 37 lbs!!

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*FTC Disclosure: Medifast provides their products for my personal use for free. I am not paid or compensated in any other way for mentioning their products. All thoughts written here are mine. I love complaining so I would tell you if I didn't like something in the program. :)

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