Y3W: I'm Mrs. Medifast!


Well...sort of. 

Remember back in January when I made a post promising my family I would get healthy? Well, I'm doing it. Losing some weight is a big part of becoming healthy for me. I carry around far too much excess poundage to stay the size I am. But I'm not doing it alone. I'll be working on my health with two other bloggers, Jenni and Stephanie.  Medifast has generously offered to sponsor our efforts to lose some weight. 

We are so excited to start this program. Today we put in our orders for our first month of supplies. I can't wait for it to get here so that we can start the program. You can look forward to weekly updates from us every Monday. We also plan to host weekly chats so that you can ask us about the program if you are interested or curious about the plan. I hope you will join me in cheering on Stephanie and Jenni as we get on the path to good health.