The solution to my happy problem

I have this problem, thanks to Medifast. My clothes are falling off of me. Since money doesn't grow on trees - and even if it did I'd probably end up killing my money tree - I have to be selective in what I spend my clothing allowance on. I try to make my too big clothes last as long as possible before I buy new stuff.

I've also been able to pull a lot of old clothes out of storage because they fit again. A few weeks ago I got a great surprise when I pulled out some shorts and not only did they fit, they were too big!
Quit laughing at my Jorts. I'm trying to save money, damn it!
I hate belts. I don't own belts. I'm fat. I don't tuck therefor have no need to show off a cute belt. But this hate for belts obviously causes an issue when losing weight. Since suspenders aren't really in style right now, I was going to have to suck it up and buy a belt.

Ugh. I hate belts. I hate how bulky they are, how they cut into my flab when I sit down. 

Then I discovered the Invisibelt! ::angels sing from up on high::

If you are a belt-hater like me, the Invisibelt is perfect. 
It's slim clasp on the front eliminates the bulk of traditional belt buckles. You can wear fitted shirts over it and no one would ever know you are wearing a belt.

My favorite part about the Invisibelt is that it grows - or in my case - shrinks with you. Instead of the peg and hole design of a traditional belt, the Invisibelt makes a nod at another piece of women's wear: the bra.
It's adjustable design allows for a custom fit (perfect if you have a little bloat!).

Would you look at that? You'd never know I was wearing a belt under this paper thin t-shirt!

The Invisibelt comes in four sizes, child, adult (0-14), plus size (16-4x) and if you are expecting a little one, check out the Invisibump! Not quite ready for maternity jeans? Or maybe you are post baby and want back into your regular jeans? The Invisibump will keep up with your ever changing waistline. It also comes in a variety of colors and prints. I love the clear and black because I am simple like that. But I have my eye on the lace versions as well.

You can get 20% your own Invisibelt by using the code "BLOGHER11" at checkout.

Thanks to Medifast for making my pants big and thanks to Invisibelt for keeping them up!

Invisibelt provided their product to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own and I was not compensated in any way.